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Hyundai’s comprehensive maintenance contract services ensure that your machines provide peak performance and optimum output for the longest time, justifying your investment in them. Under any of the 4 different contracts offered, OEMs or dealers provide inspection, assessment, repairing, and reporting services to customers. The customers can enjoy the benefit of offloading the maintenance to expert engineers and concentrate on their core operations.


Service Contract is any contract between an OEM/dealer and Customer for the OEM/dealer to handle some or all of the Customer’s Equipment Management Needs so that the customer can focus on their core business area. The customer can benefit from various advantages like Low machine down time to a higher resale value with service contracts. Hyundai provide below mentioned 3 contract options to our customers.

1. FMC(Full Maintenance Contract)

Suitable for customers with more number of machines, the Full Maintenance Contract includes a host of services ranging from inspection to inventory management. The best part about FMC is that it can be customised as per company’s requirement and budget. Customers can enjoy benefits like reduced operational costs, resource saving and output optimization.
Following are the services covered under an FMC Contract
  • Machine inspection by experts
  • Find problems that could be overlooked
  • In-depth machine assessments
  • Advanced diagnostic instruments
  • Regular reports
  • Repair and Maintenance alternatives to help control the repair costs and downtime
  • Inventory management
Customer Benefits
  • Guaranteed machine availability
  • Failure reduction
  • Output optimization
  • Cost optimization
  • Process off- loading
  • Provides peace of mind

2. AMC (Annual Maintenance contract)

Empower your teams to become experts with Hyundai’s Annual Maintenance Contracts. Partially customizable, this includes on-site provision of engineers for maintenance requirements. AMC involves more of a consulting and supervising role from the OEMs. Specialist engineers identify trouble areas and work with you towards improving the maintenance process.
AMC involves
  • Support and training of customer teams for inspection
  • Supervision and assistance of parts planning
Customer Benefits
  • Increased machine health
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased resale value
  • Hassle-free maintenance

3. ASC (Annual service contract)

Under this contract, engineers make periodic visits to the customer for identifying machine issues related to performance, repairs, and replacements. Additionally, these experts work with you to come up with future measures to optimize machine maintenance and inventory.

4. Onsite Maintenance Contract

Hyundai dedicatedly attends to the smallest of issues with maximum effort. Under Onsite Maintenance Contract, expert engineers work along with you for maintenance, repair, and optimization of your machines. Customizable as per requirement and volume, OMC can also be extended to upkeep of spare parts and lubricants.